Woman's Shampoo, Cut & Blow-Out   $23+        Shampoo & Style  $20+


Men's Shampoo, Cut & Finish  $17+           Children(12 and under) $14

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Conditioning Treatments  $12+                       

 CHI Enviro Smoothing Service  $85+

        Olaplex - The Original Bond Multiplier  $10 per application



Coloring Services start at  $63  and include a Cut & Blow Out.

 We provide complimentary in-salon consultations and include the estimated end cost for your service(s).


Coloring prices are based on:

 Length & Condition of your hair.

 Technique(s) performed. 

Amount of service products used.

Time needed to complete your requested coloring service.


Corrective Coloring is $100 per hour.  

Be Prepared/Patient:  Black to Blonde, Color removing etc.. Is not achieved in 1 hour



GiGi Honee Waxing: Brow / Lip / Chin  $12

(1 area - Add $5 per others)

Waxing is not advised if you have recently or currently still using products such as Retin-A, Renova, Aczone, Differin or Accutane.

Please inform us if you have used these or any other Rx skin care regimen or acne products 



CND Shellac Manicure:  $35

( Includes removal of current Shellac shade.  A dry manicure with free edge shaping & detailed cuticle work followed with Shellac Base Coat, 

 your chosen Shellac Color and Shellac Top Coat.  Each layer is cured in the CND LED Lamp for a durable 14+ days of wear.  

Service is finished with  CND Solar Oil  &  CND Almond Hydrating Lotion)



    CND Acrylic Enhancements:     

Full Set  $60          Basic Fill $30  

Pink & White Rebalance (Fill)  $34


        CND Gel Enhancements:           

Full Set  $65      Overlay (No Length) $50      Basic Fill $33

Pink & White Rebalance (Fill)  $36


Gelish Polygel Enhancements:

Full Set  $70      Overlay (No Length) $55     Basic Fill $35

Pink & White Rebalance (Fill)  $38


 Nail Artwork is not included in the price of any nail service  

 +Extreme Lengths/Shapes, Designs, Glitters, Pigments, Holographics, Chrome, Swarovski Crystals, Shellac/Gelish Colors all have an extra charge

+ Extensive nail art cannot be performed without adding extra service time when booking your appointment +

~~  We are not offering Pedicure Services at this time ~~

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